This lady has the right idea

This doesn’t even have to be exclusively for gifted kids or private schools, they could just put the series in any regular elementary/middle school library and kids would probably just randomly pick it out. Want better citizens? Want better politicians? This is the way to do that.

She’s right, it is sad

Sadly, I had to wait until I was eighteen years old and in college to study philosophy. By that time in one’s life, it is often too little too late. As a university professor of philosophy, I see that in so many of my students.

I was lucky to read Emerson and a few others before 18. Way before 18 would be preferable

When you look around at the average citizen it’s clear that our education system has failed them. The reason they’re so receptive to all the brainwash-methods out there is because their brains were set into a pattern that would facilitate that prior to the age of 18 when they joined the adult world. Philosophy teaches one critical thinking. Will that make our youth more rebellious, ornery, and difficult to control?? More than likely. Would that be such a bad thing?

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