Latin for 6 year olds

The statement on this site is unexpectedly reactionary

He gets pretty vehement in this screed, was not expecting that at all, just lights optics on fire.

Look, I wasn’t a “gifted” kid myself, mind you. And yet, I don’t have the natural aversion to hearing the word “gifted child” like many of you lowly democrats. Yeah I know you hate to read that word. I wonder why? The mediocrity of the typical leftist leads to them hating the idea of gifted kids being given educations proper to their merit. They don’t have any shame, and many on the right aren’t even that much different. Gifted kids exist, are you mad? They aren’t often non-whites, are you mad?

I love the unabashed elitism of this guy

Gifted children are only children, and they did not choose to be gifted. They can’t help it. Gifted children are those who require a differentiated educational program if their exceptional needs are to be met. Their ability is not just a socially undesirable characteristic, an unfair advantage that they have over other children; it is often a disadvantage; it often creates serious problems. Gifted children won’t “get everything on their own”; they need us to understand them, support them, and provide differentiated instruction for them

The leftist has such a petty soul that they’d even treat children the way they do adults. Now that I think about it, the gifted child is one of the clearest refutations of contemporary leftism there is, no wonder they hate them so much- you can’t blame environment on the fact that a 6 year old is both inquisitive and able to learn Ancient Latin. Well uh they ate their mac n cheese, their parents must have put nootropics in it and uh it couldn’t possibly be the case that some people are born with an ability to be educated beyond others’ capabilities, and that a 6 year old could be smarter than a 40 year old.

It’s all lots of salt, that’s what the left is made of. Salty people who have less inquisitiveness and less ability to learn than some 6 year olds. And they want to take that away from these children because they’re so salty about it. Keep spending more time reading social media posts than you do reading books, and keep making excuses about it you genetic defective.

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