Heh just thought of something funny, only there’s a real sense in which there’s no point in posting about it, because the intended castes already understand without needing to be told, and all the others can do is tell themselves it isn’t a reality.

I hope I don’t cheapen the name of Marx by invoking him so much. What we think of “the left” today has merely co-opted him just as they’ve done with Nietzsche. Marx can only be redeemed when PC-culture is disregarded entirely. Seriously, there are things that I’d only …. regarding class-warfare. “Lenin-perspectivism” – you can’t do that with mainstream leftist strictures. There are certain qualities of the lower classes you cannot talk about. The question is, do you want to bring them up to the level of a student of Hegel like Marx was? You can’t do that if you forgive them for the way they are. Most proles and bourgeoisie are not the kind of people who could listen to one of Hegel’s lectures without going glaze-eyed and nodding off. There is a “class-based” explanation of that that I hesitate to mention, because it reminds so many of the old times, and of India, and that causes them to only react in a way opposite of what is preferable. “Why don’t they read Hegel and Marx?” is a question any serious leftist should be asking today. What would you say, if no one knew your answer? I know exactly why, and I find it funny. Don’t you like having a Nietzschean for a friend? Don’t you wish I’d just tell you what it is I find funny about them? When you gulag all the quasi/Nietzscheans, it makes it difficult to carry out proper Marxism effectively. “So what is it about the proles and bourgeoisie that is so funny?” Can’t you figure it out for yourself? It’s obvious once you start to adapt to the humans-as-ants perspective.

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