Are they all really “happy”, is that really a “happy” family I wonder

After being passed around by dirty old men for years as a teenager are you going to turn out as a happy person with a happy family? That’s what the crime of pedophilia hinges on, right? If we go beyond the simple accusation that pedophilia is bad and ask why is it bad, it seems the answer is that it prevents you from having a normal happy life as an adult. So maybe it was just worded that way above to conceal the pain of that. Excuse me if this sounds insensitive, I’m just trying to express what seems like the reality of the situation- after being used as a three-holed semen-depository at an impressionable age by men old enough to be her father, I highly doubt her life is going to be exactly normal.

I hate to say it, I’ve known and know women who’d probably like something akin to that, at least as young adults. The question is, after “that” happens, do they go on to live a normal, happy life? Some would say why not, that’s not the most perverse thing they’ve ever done anyway. Another question is, how responsible are the parents of Nadia here to put her in that situation? Most parents would avoid selling their daughter into sex-slavery like that, obviously. So it’s a question of risk, because there’s a pretty good chance that if a teenager performs those kinds of activities, she’s not going to be a normal happy woman as she matures into adulthood. What keeps striking me about the Epstein scandal is how close our mainstream culture is to promoting the same kind of uncertain future for young women. For them it’s like once they turn 18 all of a sudden maximum debauchery is permitted and even applauded. Whereas it seems to carry similar risks as all this Epstein-related vice.

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