Hadn’t considered this psychological dimension

If you think about like this

And if you put it this way…

One more step til

Pretty shameful how few Americans were sacrificed

And then afterward they didn’t exactly do all that they could do -wagging finger-

In case you wondered why this laughable old establishmentarian coot has a decent chance of winning the election pretty soon here

that is the background. Well, then there’s this little demon too, remember her?

Anyone else have Schindler’s List burned into their brain? Something something hiding beneath floorboards explains a lot of what’s going on today. Make the US even worse than it is? Well do you think it was easy for the people who hid Jews underneath their floorboards? You think that made their lives better?

Old man Maxwell and the fate of his daughter is a symptomatic case-study to examine

I’m sure Epstein killed himself because he felt so bad for all the shiksas whose lives he ruined

I wonder who might have inherited his business? All those pals of Epstein who will continue to rape your preteen daughters with impunity because you’re never going to do anything about it anyway? And not to mention, probably worse, propagate slut-brainwash like it’s the new gospel? Who are united not only in human trafficking and running drugs (ugh not from Mexico of course), rather who are united above all in making the US the land of anything goes where even the most worthless wretches have a “place of safety” to flee to, and if the US falls under which hopefully it does since it has so many Nazi elements as it is, who was protected by Epstein’s suicide huh? I wonder what else they’re united by, and what explains the all-pervasive anti-Americanism among elites. Is it because perhaps they have a backup plan in case the Nazi-US does collapse?

None of them care if the US collapses, that’s what Biden and his bioleninist supporters represent. They either have Jews and Israel squarely in mind or they’ve been taught since a young age to equate not inviting refugees with a new form of Satanism, and this latter is crafted in the image of the former. That’s what’s going on in politics today that no one is allowed to talk about. Even if these refugees are here to sell heroin and meth, who cares, they’re refugees. The only ones who shouldn’t be in the country are ones who judge others in the country, even if their existence alone vulgarizes the standards of culture and every thought every citizen has. This is America. And I have no faith anymore in the 99.9% of the population that just lets it all happen, you get what you deserve.

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