Amidst attempting to convince me that all of the Caribbean and Central America should be able to move to the US, that Haitian made one decent argument if one allows it to be suspended free of contextual details. “Der’s so moch free space here, mon!” as he gestured around at the nearby forest on the other side of the road. He’s right, especially where I live there’s lots of acres of trees that one could easily clear and build houses on. To give you a more precise idea- the US in relation to the rest of the world

Even better

There’s lots of free space, you see, it’s just conspicuous that the US is the main destination. Let’s eliminate even more of the seemingly free space from the world

The ideal location in terms of “free space”, based on this elimination of the inhospitable deserts, seems to be central South America. So that rules out that argument.

The more crucial perspective has less to do with the land than with the minds of the people who live on the land. Let me try to explain the origins of political correctness. As much as it’s systematically forgotten, the following is an ever-present awareness that white people have

When we see them,

on a subtle level, we still see them

And that changes the mental climate, the more of them there are. So while there is indeed lots of free space in the US, in Maine for example, the more of them that live here

the more it creates a culture of excessive politeness. In 1950 the US was 87% white. In 2000 it was 70%. By 2050 it’s projected to be 47%. With only 20% of the population non-white, that culture of catering to them constantly didn’t exist. It’s only once it approaches a certain percentage beyond that that we’ve had to devote so much of our mental energies to making them feel like they aren’t primitive peoples who we found cannibalizing each other in jungles. The contrived PC atmosphere of making them feel at home and not formerly savage makes home feel like less at home. And the more that move here, the less like home it’s going to be.

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