What inspired that thought was tits, naturally

just not in the way you think. Many will be mesmerized by “these”, and I confess I was initially, put into “baby consciousness” (oo boobies) as it were, and then I had the realization that it’s so desperate to jiggle those around like that, and that all they do is distract from the lack of creativity of her genetics. All I see here is someone who was found in a jungle, and put on a dress with her tits hanging out. That’s the essence of “PC”, it’s right here in this image- it’s beautification meant to hide something that is unstated, namely the savage origins. If you think of this picture in terms of use-value, the question that arises for me is, so those are going to feed a half-mudbaby with next to zero percent chance of growing up to be a genius? Any movie that is produced today is going to have some form of “tits” in it, i.e. beautification that distracts from origins and inherent potentials, and note it will only be literal tits about a tenth of the time. Any careful observer will see the beauty-trinkets used as symbols and imposed over that image of the uncontacted tribe.

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