High schoolers who found xenosystems don’t even know how good they got it. When I was a teenager all I had was a few older friends who I found on facebook, and looking back, the medium definitely was the message, and there was only so far they could go, not to say I’m not grateful for them- for instance one suggested I read Camus woooo For someone from a close-minded small-town like I was from that really was something though. There’s going to be a real type of “progress” caused by this break for many who were young when they found some of these more or less post-nrx anons of the reactosphere, that the “pleasantness” of the Zuckerberg environment prevented many of my age from experiencing. (Think back to those brain development charts, same goes with politics). This is another that same person suggested I read

Might explain some things. Was I influenced by this or was it more that I was the type of person who would want to read something it in the first place? Probably a bit of both. Misanthropy is what drives my interest in geography lately, I was never one of those geo geeks in school as a kid, that’s something new. My main goal in life is to say something that isn’t a mere footnote to Plato, and/or cultivate a society that would allow for that to happen, and that basic impetus is what explains my misanthropy and my interest in geography, because I don’t see us going beyond Plato in the contemporary US. Anyway, looking at those maps of deserts earlier, I was perplexed by all the “free space” Australia seemingly offers only to have discovered this to my dismay

“Sahara Desert” made me 😂 well that’s a no-go.

Then what will a further population density chart reveal?

This pattern is a pretty frequent finding

Northern Australia seems like it might be viable as a post-“philosophy” settlement.

Why is it that Indonesia, just north of there, is so heavily populated?

Population of Indonesia – 274,000,000

Population of Northern Australia – 250,000

Population of Western Australia – 2,640,000, 92% of which live in the Southwest

Like I said recently, something strange about Australia.

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