Ahh you’re actually going to make me say what I think about the proles, bourgeois, and upper-classes that exploit them. Doing that brings me to their level though so I try to avoid that. First time baking a chicken lady serves as a good example. Did you ever research Kant like I told you to various times? There’s a difference between baking a chicken with your tits out and describing the meaning of morality outside of religion like he does. How do I break this to you? All the lower classes understand is work and breeding. Hundreds of generations of laboring all day and reproducing that laboring, that’s what their entire existence is, and it’s been replicated in our time using legitimate-sounding banners. Let’s use an example that extremely online people will understand. Imagine the future posts of the children of Chicken Lady. If chicken lady has daughters their posts will involve their tits in some way. I mean, is that a boring kind of thing to add to the adult discussion? Well, they’re tits, so obviously they’re not boring. At the same time, we wonder if there’s a point in valuing those tits if the person who’s jiggling them is dumber than a box of rocks, which most Latinas happen to be. So I ask you extremely online people, do you want a global electronic discourse of women posting their tits, or women posting meaningful statements? Now, I recently searched why Australia has such a bad rep, something called “bogans”, and this is what many remind me of here in the US. “Tits? That is a meaningful statement heh-hick!” I mean, is it though? What’s the point of wanting those tits if they’re connected to an absolute idiot who is basically a set of tits replacing a human being? Allow me to shake your hand, or nipple I guess, hello, nice to meet you, your name is Titiana? And what are your interests, what are your dreams, Titiana? To have even bigger tits? Ah, a really interesting person. The type we want adding to discourse online. Because it makes it so interesting to post tit thirst traps rather than profound subtleties in philosophy and politics. Is this what the feminist left really believes in? Jiggling tits in place of saying something that is actually meaningful? I’ll take a flat-chested woman with the courage to say something that might get her in trouble over any of them anyday. The lower-classes and the left in general are concerned with creating a media landscape in the future where there are billions of chicken ladies shaking their tits and never saying anything besides “Look at these tits!” Social media is bad enough, now you want to make it even worse?

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