What’s going on with those Uyghurs anyway?

The same thing they did with the Tibetans?

This is a real ethical dilemma. What’s worse, Marxism or Islam? Buddhism is easily preferable to Marxism, so Tibet is less controversial. This one’s more of a toss-up. Many people of my ethos would prefer is the US were more Islamic, to fight against the Marxism here. China’s extinguishing of Islam has that negative factor, which I’m sure some of the more perceptive ones in the gulag right now are aware of.

I’ll tell you what most immediately concerns me

Uyghur region (in blue)

Do you see Tibet anywhere on this map? I’ve read that many Chinese people today, when asked, act as if Tibet never existed. It’s easy to erase peoples. My concern though, since I don’t really give a damn about Muslims to be honest with you, is that this is just a sign of what China plans to do with surrounding people, and eventually–us. Imaging you were a Thomistic Catholic living in China, with a pretty good population, you’d be next. Who are their next targets? I’d guess north and southeast, Mongoria, Raos -Chinese voice, EASY!- Sure, their imperialism will be slow and gradual. This is just a sign that can tell us what they might do to us in the future, however distant. Maybe COVID is the first step toward that, who knows? Afghanistan, Pakistan, such vulnerable countries, it wouldn’t take much for China to take them over. Really most of those to their immediate west, south to Australia, and north to Siberia, if they really wanted to, I can see them doing it, and why wouldn’t they? This is another prism through which to see the Uyghur gulag as well- once they have total “solidarity” and zero dissent that will make them a stronger nation, and that itself will give them the push to spread to other countries, far from its current borders. This is just a test-run on some Muslims. Westerners are far more sympathetic to Marxism than Muslims, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to imperialize them as well. When I see the Han wiping out Tibetans and Uyghurs I see materialism and herd-behavior winning out over nobler values.

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