What do I find redeeming about Islam? It’s surprising even to me, someone who almost always sides with Athens over Jerusalem. And next to no one in the West is going to agree with this sentiment because they’re all “Athenians” in the specific sense I’m speaking of. Islam tells people what to do, and they don’t question it. They don’t question it, they don’t need reasons to justify why they do it, they just do it. Someone steeped in the values of Anglo Liberty (which is its own Allah) will be averse to that on a visceral level. You can accuse me of being a megalomaniac or something or just trust me when I say that I understand the perspectives of the ones who wrote the Bible and Quran. The ones they wrote it for are still living today, they’re about 90 something percent of the world population. It’s better for them to follow orders – “Faith” – than it is for them to use their own reason. See? No one wants to accept this. You’re too much like an animal and you need something beyond yourself to perpetually remind you of what is above animality. Like I said, trust me or not, I’m just trying to help. I see why those people wrote those Books in the way they did, and there isn’t much of a percentage of people like me alive today who are willing to be candid about their perspective. It’s better to find a hierophany and believe in that with all your being than it is to side with the consensus-“reality” of the modern world.

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