If you think of America as the place that race is erased, e-raced, etc., the one pattern I’d like to place in your awareness is that once the social contract is burned, the ones who are of the middling races, like the Ethnics of America, the russians, italian, irish, not to say anything about the actual savages, there is a tendency to sympathize with the actual savages because their feelings are hurt so much. This just proves you’re made of dirt when you do this. When you hear the news of the sad side of your race, if you from there decide to align with the other sad people, you only seem even sadder. Ah you’re the irish, the niggers of europe, what a way to prove you’re not that by driving all the other people of the new country down into a terrible place like Ireland. You jews really showed us, we murdered you to give you a lesson and you only decided to double-down on it, same with whores- looks like we were right after all that every last one of you should simply be genocided off the planet and never thought of again. If you bring us closer to the third world what else do you deserve? “We’ll genocide you first because we can never accept that we’re the ones in the wrong!” Third world person type of mentality, nice work. Bravo you objectively worthless people.

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