As absurd as it is to realize, the only way to approach the goals of anti-racism, feminism, and anti-anti-semitism is to be extremely critical toward the movements in place today that seek to remove all criticism about them. It reminds me of those Indonesian kids that recently acquired literacy. Are you going to help them by pretending they’re the best readers that ever existed or by yelling at them and calling them illiterate? It’s a question of pedagogy and the one prevailing in our time does nothing to liberate anyone from their bondage. I see this day after day! You could call it a self-centered concern- I just want a woman who isn’t braindead. It’s rare to see one who has escaped seeing herself as an object. Men were the ones who created feminism because we were sick of being around people like that, and whatever sixth wave we’re on now they still haven’t learned yet.

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