The Uyghur autonomous region borders eight countries. I’m willing to bet that is an important factor in the minds of the CCP. And if I was a few of those countries I’d be kind of worried.

“Central Asia” – that’s not a place you hear about very often. This is their Muslim population

This has been an ongoing process

Would you be feeling nervous at all if you were one of these Central Asians?

500 suspected “camps” right at your border, “re-educating” people with the same faith as you?

Would that make you sweat at all? Do you notice anything that stands out in the following map?

Ukraine?? Eastern Europe?? “Those are people like ME” is what I think when I see that. The Uyghur region is like a “wall of belief” that separates China from Central Asia. And if they imperialize all of Kazakhstan, look how far they’ll then be from “people like us”. For that reason, this is something I like to read

That’s getting too close

See what they’re doing “over there”?

The facilities also have held many prominent Uyghur intellectuals.

The same thing they did with the Tibetan lamas. The same thing they’d do with our best Europeans if their power was consolidated enough. And remember how susceptible many of those countries were to Marxism only decades ago.

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