Hmm I wonder why this case-study would interest me

Man, the state of minorities in China is enviable though so part of me doesn’t blame them. For instance, their most populous minority is only 1.25% of “Chinese people” at 18 million. That is the Zhuang. Uyghurs are at 12 million. These are two of the 55 recognized ethnic minorities, the Han being the 56th ethnicity, the majority. Well scratch that number of Uyghurs being at 12 million, some sources say they’re at 8 million now. Who knows what to believe. Take this for an example

The Central Tibetan Administration claims that the 5.4 million number is a decrease from 6.3 million in 1959 while the Chinese government claims that it is an increase from 2.7 million in 1954.

I don’t know if I want to laugh about this or what, I don’t know how to cope with this.

Let me explain how this is relevant to the US. See these yellow/tan rectangles?

This is the aim of the US-version of the “CCP”, to make all of these rectangles, all of these shapes, “American or Unknown”. Just as the majority in China is Han, the majority they want in the US is “American or Unknown”, which mostly means blended Mexican, African, and European.

Anyway, let’s not dwell on something so grim. The autonomous region of the Zhuang people looks “kinda” nice

One might, unfortunately, anticipate from the pattern in China that–they’re next. Or at least, they’re one of the next ones that are going to be culturally-genocided.

That, for strategic reasons similar to Xinjiang, given Guangxi’s border with Vietnam, another country with a conspicuous susceptibility to Marxism.

Another dimension to use to interpret Han imperialism is what belief-system the ethnic minorities have, and how much of a threat it is to the reigning ideology. Think back to the similarity I mentioned recently between Israel beside Muslim countries and a hypothetical ethnostate in the equalist US. That’s what having Tibet and the Dalai Lama in China must have been like. Those monks and their beliefs were a threat. The Uyghurs and their beliefs are a threat, a threat to “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” as they call it. So what about these Zhuang people? What do they believe? It’s an animistic folk-religion called Moism. It doesn’t exactly have the cultural prestige of Buddhism or Islam, hence why the Zhuang haven’t been bothered much (at least post-Mao). While Moism isn’t one of the “great religions” of the world, it’s still a form of ancestor-worship, and we know that traditionalism is not something socialists have been known to take too kindly to, so we can expect the disappearance of that autonomous region, inevitably. Recall my selection from the handbook of the venerable Chairman. I talk about China of course because there’s a similar dynamic in the US

Except the imperialism for us isn’t Marxist-Han vs. everyone else obviously, it’s Equalist-“humanity” vs. whites.

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