Just getting more and more precise in the spirit of this old post

Because if the US gets even worse we need to know where we’re going to go. Australia seems like it’s full of hillbillies until we develop the North. Russia, as much as I talk it up, I fear that its recent history has made it a brutal place to live, though I don’t rule it out.

I found some more maps of South America that home even more precisely in on the discrimination

“You pig!” I hear them say to me. I don’t care.



Southern Brazil seems precarious, jumping out of the pan into the fire as it were, moving from the US to there

I’d rather move to Eastern Argentina than my ancestral homeland of Sweden, given the way people are over there these days from what I’ve heard.

One person’s report

Some more anecdotes here

People are very racist in Argentina. It’s sad but it’s true… People have a lot of nasty racist feelings here and there’s little or no PC culture here as opposed to the US.



Personal conversations using that language still disgust me, but the fact people can say it in the press here is another thing.

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