They think you’re evil or a foul person when you suggest the kinds of things I do and in reality it’s the exact opposite. I want a safe place for people to go. Do you even have to research the different crime rates between Brazil and Argentina? And I wonder where all the crime is focused. In the south where all the whites are? Obviously!

When you live in such a place that is plagued with crime, that affects art and science. When you’re worried about survival, your higher-order faculties are shut off to adjust to chaos and merely staying alive.

All of the people who signal against me for being evil and foul are implicitly telling you that a place with a high crime rate is good to live in. And thus that art and science really don’t matter.

Their psychology is pretty pathetic when you observe it. They want to make the criminals and uncreative ones of the world feel better about their lot. Not so much for them, they do it because it makes them popular. The opposite of evil and foul, you know, those people who don’t like crime and like art and science, those evil, foul people, they like to gain the approval of all those who hate those evil, foul people. These are called, in the technical literature, demagogues. They exploit the lowest instincts of the lowest people in order to have power. They don’t care about crime, about art, about science, all they care about is the approval of “the people” in the present moment.

So what is so “foul” about these subjects. They often involve the insinuation that people cannot change. What these demagogues do is throw them a scrap of self-esteem telling them that they’re changeable. And what I wonder is, what are the consequences of this going to be? I mean it’s nice and kind and all to tell them that, and I bet it feels good to have their approval, I just wonder what it’s leading to. From most evidence in the world, what it’s leading to is a place like Brazil, where certain more virtuous people will flock to one place, and eventually exit entirely to somewhere else in order to avoid crime and vulgarization. That’s what all these demagogues represent, acting like this pattern doesn’t exist. And what’s more, doing it for their own personal gain and nothing else.

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