News in the extradimensional world

There hasn’t been much research in a scientific setting since Strassman’s study involving 400 doses administered between 1990 and 1995. Here is a sort of boring one from last year that focused on brainscans. Eh that’s something at least. Thinking of Thomas Kuhn, this is just where we are. See how recent even this was?

This is the design of the study in question

This is how they’re judging the subjective effects

If we’re going to design the perfect entheogen in my opinion, the effects would be closer to the oceanic boundlessness side of this chart. DMT tends to do that more than these others, so we’ll see how this study goes. There’s also a master/slave-perspectivist view on this- if surface-stoners take LSD they’re going to experience visuals man! I’m freakin blissed-out man! So that’s inherently going to bias the studies they do, using normies as guinea pigs. There have been a couple studies that used religious leaders as guinea pigs, with interesting results, which you can google. The problem with research into this in general has been the focus on the “lighter” psychedelics, so that’s what makes this study stand out.

People usually think it was William S. Burroughs in 1953 who was the first westerner to have experienced DMT. No, we could have started doing this research way before then. Jesuits traveling the Amazon in 1737 referred to yage as a “diabolic potion”.

Burroughs was however one of the first to “shoot it up” which is what they’re doing for this study

Here’s a description of his 1961 novel to give you an idea ahahaha

The main plot appears in linear prose in chapter VII, The Mayan Caper. This chapter portrays a secret agent who has the ability to change bodies or metamorphose his own body using “U.T.” (undifferentiated tissue). As such an agent he makes a time travel machine and takes on a gang of Mayan priests who use the Mayan calendar to control the minds of slave laborers…

From the actual text

A Russian scientist has said: “We will travel not only in space but in time as well”—I have just returned from a thousand-year time trip and I am here to tell you what I saw—And to tell you how such time trips are made—It is a precise operation—It is difficult—It is dangerous—It is the new frontier and only the adventurous need apply…

So uh in case you were wondering about why DMT was made illegal in 1966, well, there’s one answer. Yeah and if you were wondering why I find studies that focus on brainscans “boring”, well, there’s one answer. Forget I said this though, because I am not a schizophrenic.

He indicated that what I wanted was extremely difficult—Also dangerous and illegal—He could get into trouble—Besides I might be an informer from the Time Police—He would have to think about it–

I am not an informer from the Time Police either!

Speaking of actual police though, this sounds promising

Boy do I like the sound of this too from their Constitution

I thought this was an appropriate inclusion in the timeline of entheogens I found earlier

Near the time Descartes was writing, hmm…

If we want new neologisms pertaining to consciousness that people in 2400 will look back on, our laws need to change, our Constitution itself needs to change. There is something of the former going on in the US it appears

And besides that study they’re doing in Switzerland it looks like scientists have been researching it in Brazil too

There’s only a recent DMT underground in China, to my knowledge.

Another reason why governments don’t want people to use it, in the words of this Chinese person

All my life felt like a joke.

The CCP is a joke, the Cathedral is a joke, all the people who base their lives around them are–jokes.

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