I pulled that first part from here. Potential rat detected.

Given Russia’s extraordinary rebuke to American arrogance since 2000, revisionist work on Russian and Slavic history is sorely needed, especially in conjunction with the critique of globalization. [Professor Matthew Raphael] Johnson was the first among American Orthodox writers to understand Vladimir Putin as a necessary balance to the American empire and the liberal authoritarianism it enforces…. the isolated mass-man, a crippled, malformed cipher largely incapable of higher-order thought. It is the “average American.”

No. higher. order. thought. What. does. this. mean?

This from that same essay

Today, the Russian central bank is state controlled and not under the international monetary cartels.

Sounds like we can learn from them in more ways than one.

Oil, banks, news, congress, Israel, all in cahoots, need a strongman at the top to drop anvils on their heads, feed them alive to starved animals in their nice suits.

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