This map is probably more telling than most

Usually we think of the wretched of the earth migrating- this reverses the dynamic. “Those are the real wretched of the earth!” In one sense maybe. In another, they likely have the best advisors, best geopolitical awareness, a lot better than yours I’d imagine in any case.

I wonder what this is about

Have to take it with a grain of salt though (no not your rabble ressentiment kind of salt) because there’s a good chance that many of these “HNWIs” are rootless cosmopolitan types, and that they basically see the entire earth as standing-reserve and don’t have much besides their own self-interest in mind. Here’s a more detailed map of where these types of people reside

The world is their oyster as they say, and they’re happy as a clam anywhere. Wait, what’s that? All of a sudden, leftists are A-ok making stereotypes about UHNWIs? Whatever, your hypocrisy on cheering for riots during a plague has demonstrated through and through that consistency is one of your leastmost values. As a priest-type I can understand the merchant-type in a way better than they understand themselves, and the Chinese migrants for instance simply plan on exploiting America as it declines in order to bring back wealth to their home country. I don’t really see a substantial percentage of these people who are migrating to make the place better. That’s more to the tune of theory nerds adjacent to neoreaction. Rather than hop from place to place plundering the wealth, people like us have more in mind developing a place and installing a government in a place that would keep out exploitative merchants like the ones you see above. They’re not looking to move to the US to correct its problems, if anything they’re looking to temporarily profit off the turmoil, those consumer robots I mentioned (This you?). Reactionaries think more in terms of exploiting the instincts of these merchants to use their know-how to govern States, and make as many people happy as they’ve made money. The happiness of the citizen is the new money. None of these rootless cosmopolitans are thinking about that. What they’re blind to in their quest for more and more money is that running an effective State would be more lucrative than their country-hopping.

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