I just try to clear about confusions many seem to have because irrationality annoys me. A quarter of the slaves arrived here in the US from Senegambia so let’s use that as an example

How are they doing over in that region today?

So do we owe them something?

Let’s see what else is different between here and Senegambia

Even for the black proles, the minimum wage is $7.25/hour

So an honest day’s work of 8 hours yields $58 per day here, more than 10x what 85% of Africans make. And there are many even worse off than $5.50 per day.

To be fair, here is something that likely adds to the malcontent of the “peaceful protestors”

All the blame for inequality is put on white americans and this is a simple confusion as you can tell by the maps above. When you tell everyone they have the same soul, when problems inevitably arise (related to crime, poverty, ability to follow rules like wearing a mask and social distancing) an external factor is needed to put the blame on. Because you can’t blame intrinsic soul or brains. The fact is, African-Americans are the same people who are living in Senegambia now, and they’ve been given 100x the opportunities of the people there who live in abject poverty with 6th grade educations and who die at 60, so yes there’s still going to be inequality, and the ones to blame are the relatives of those Senegambians who act just like their former countrymen even though they’ve been given better education, health, jobs, etc.

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