If you can only interpret certain subjects emotionally you won’t understand politics and you’ll be living in a world of illusion, and this being a partial-democracy, you’ll be voting based on illusion and thus affecting the lives of everyone. No amount of eloquence in a preamble is going to prepare most people to read the following without emotion- regardless, I offer it to you

Is it an exaggeration to say they were equivalent, or, more outrageously, that work was worse than slavery? Probably. Are they on the same continuum though? Probably. I can’t say I’ve ever been enslaved myself, however at a few jobs I’ve had I have remarked that I felt like a slave, and I don’t think that simile is totally inaccurate, based on accounts I’ve read of literal slavery.

If you can’t think of things without emotion you’re never going to understand them. What is going on in America is the result of the perception that African-Americans are “super-proles” – this is the sense in which we’re experiencing a Marxist revolution. If you couldn’t read my posts on the Indian caste-system without excessive pity, you’ll never understand American history. I’m not going to try to justify slavery, both slaves and workers should have been treated better throughout history, there’s no doubt about that. To think that we could’ve gone without workers is a pure fantasy that many seem to entertain. And to think that slavery and work is not on the same continuum is also a pure fantasy. The fact is certain types of people were and are “designed” for drudgery and for being the machinery of society, relative to the population. Africans, being the people with the lowest intelligence in the world, happen to be optimal workers in this regard. White workers were designed to make better use of freedom, through the utilization of those of a caste who are more similar to objects than they are. Was slavery evil? I don’t think of it in theological terms. It was bad, just like over-exploitative work is bad. The only thing this fixation does that we have in this country that slavery was distinctly evil is distract the focus from other people on the same continuum who we could use our egalitarian impulse to help. Unless you’re able to think of people in terms of castes, which most are not, you cannot understand this. People of certain castes get what they deserve. Women were “meant” to be childbearers, white workers were “meant” to be workers, african-americans were “meant” to be even less than workers. And for the 20th time, I don’t expect many to read this without emotion.

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