Gobineau has been quoted a few times in that Losurdo book saying things I agree with, and I finally decided to glance at his wiki page, after years of knowing of him yet always having an aversion to him that I’ve subconsciously collected from our culture. And this just goes to show how effective their demonizations of certain historical persons really are, if even someone like me who actively seeks these types of people out has avoided someone like Gobineau for years because of that not quite traceable stigma. Thinking back to the post previous to this one, the reason I like to read aristocrats is because they remind me of mystical experiences I’ve had. Not exactly in content though. It’s in their distance from the typical person of today, they might as well be a different species, with a different ontological status entirely. Is Gobineau an “angel”? I would not go that far, haven’t even read enough to say. I don’t even consider Aristotle an angel, though he’s closer than 99.99% of people in that regard. Which reminds me, in that Marxist book I’ve talked about a few times, that one on the ancients, the author lists some of his “enemies”, and that’s handy for me, because that probably means they’re my friends

Reminds me of Geoff Waite’s book on neech- Marxists give you so much advice without meaning to! Thanks!! That’s a double-edged sword though I know, since leftists have used me for their own agendas, which gives me more contempt than you could ever imagine. Note how the author distinguishes Socrates/Plato from Aristotle though (I’ve made various posts about that) – you can think of the ancients and those they influenced as approximately aligning with the entity-chart of the previous post, or in terms of human angels who wrote books. Any picture I could post would only trivialize the things I speak of (idolatry). Think of these ideas in the context of the beginning of this post though- how our culture demonizes these ones, the ones who are closest to godliness. Can’t be a good sign of where humanity is at.

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