Australia at the top of another chart

20 years, 22 years expected, that’s crazy

Up to the middle of the 19th century, secondary schools were organised to satisfy the needs of different social classes with the labouring classes getting 4 years, the merchant class 5 years and the elite getting 7 years.

Some genealogy for you

That’s what’s missing from many of these charts – for instance, two decades of the opposite of critical thinking being taught? The fixation on quantity is one of the banes of our time. Personally, looking back, I’d say three, four? years of institutional education since kindergarten weren’t a waste of my time? I’ve been trying to help people hack state education. You don’t have to live in Australia for 22 years of education. By their standard I’m at about 24 years of education, because I never stopped learning.

Elites only had 7 years fewer than 200 years ago? And look at where the rest of the world is on the path to

Upward class movement. Again, I doubt they’re getting more than a year or so of “real education” – as cynical as that sounds, I’m not exaggerating. That is a good sign overall though that most at least can read and write, and are spending a decade+ learning something at least. Before they were tending farms. That’s another continuum people don’t want to think about- looking at the “educated” population of the US for instance, is there really much of a difference between farming and learning for them? There couldn’t have been if they’re all so ignorant and unable to think critically.

What is the tabula rasa in light of this?

CRISPR is the new form of the tabula rasa, do you get it yet?

I try to help these cladistic farmers and farmers’ wives hack the sluggish state and educate themselves and usually all they can do is scowl with bitterness.

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