Every day I have the voices of my coethnics in my ear, rhetorically asking me, “Can’t you just be nice?” Then I respond, Do you want realpolitik or not? They think they’re the superego when in reality they’re the id. So I’m not going to indulge in your vice of niceness. The Chinese stand out as unique among the peoples of the world because unlike South Korea for instance they’re not absolutely westernized, and unlike North Korea they don’t have a mere population of 25M. Did you get a particular impression from that speaker in that video from the previous post? I would characterize his attitude as fluctuating between humility and egotism and leaning toward the latter. I thought it was symptomatic that he suggested to his Chinese audience that they should regard themselves as equals with the US. This is why I say they’re a unique people, because this is ambiguous, relatively speaking. If a Saudi was fluctuating like that, sure the PC-minded will afford them every concession. Just not being “nice” at all though, that’s just something to laugh at, to hear anyone from any Muslim country make such a claim. With the Chinese it’s different. With them it’s more “up in the air”. Notice how the saccharinely polite PC-minded people of the US tend to attempt to will into existence the up in the airness of the equality of Latinos and blacks. To people who aren’t trying to be nice, aren’t trying to be mean, people who just want to understand the world, that’s just a laugh, relative to the Chinese. Favelas and huts without the presence of the white man for them, whereas the Chinese, as that speaker indicated, creates a Britain every few years. Still though, there is that ambiguity there, this is why I referred to him as egotistic. I just found another recent account of east vs. west that gave me the sense that Confucian values are still alive in China

Ren ✅ Yi ✅ Li ✅

With the population that they have, it’s easy to get confused about this. Yet, on that same note, I wouldn’t say that the Chinaman of the previous post was speaking unfairly, or out of emotion rather than fact, to make the claims he did either. So I say that China is unique in this way.

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