If I had to stand before all the globe, elites and proles alike, the first thing I would tell them is that all the world religions were right, God is real.

The most nefarious form of religion is plutocrats implanting an image in your mind of what the divine is.

No matter what country you are, you can question what they’ve told you it is. This is mysticism. There are many you can find on this path, all you need to do is simply google them and forget what the rest are trying to brainwash you into.

“Who are the ones who could speak with God” – that’s a decent google search, no? There’s certainly no one who falls in that category in our current political environment. What is a “mystic”? What would your answer be? Do you have an answer? There are plenty throughout history who had an answer to that, you just need to have the focus to read them rather than watching shows and reading establishment-theory.

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