There’s a subtle Hobbesian basis to political self-censorship in the US that parallels the brutality of that in Russia

You ever read up on the details of what happens over there?

I’d have anxiety if I had this lady’s job

Even researching this stuff makes me a bit paranoid, seeing that they have international contract killers.

Think of this in light of what it’s like in the US, our version is so much more “civilized” isn’t it?

“We’re nowhere near as bad as that here!”

The chilling messages our puppetmasters send us are simply more 1st world, refined

Heh I wonder why dugin would be a blank-slatist- it’s a mystery! See, now I’m wondering if saying this is going to get me a Russian hitman picking my lock. Different “fear of violent death” here, nonetheless there is a similarity. Here you will only be fired and unpersoned for disagreeing with “our Putins” – “Shut up, it’s not similar at all.” No you’re just so used to being an obedient sheep that you don’t realize it anymore- quivering cowardice is just your natural state, likely learned while an adolescent.

They don’t even have to kill that many over there anymore, because they know there’s a line not to cross, or else they risk being killed. Just as here, writers know there is a line they “can’t” cross or they’ll be ostracized. What’s worse, getting shot in the head or being viewed as a racist and not being able to get hired at a prestigious institution? Fear of violent death, fear of violent social death, take your pick.

Funny thing is, the same journalists who push for open borderism here in order to avoid social death invite these kind of people here

Russia’s nothing next to these literal third world blooded ones. Writers here are so deluded. And their delusion has a distinct Hobbesian basis that they have pre-reflective reasons for disavowing.

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