Putin imprisoned Russia’s wealthiest person, wouldn’t it be dream if Trump were that bold? This is from Khodorkovsky’s Solzhenitsynian-knockoff memoir

Just let Soros die in prison please. It makes me squint and smh thinking of Putin exiling and scaring off so many of those plutocrats though because that means we just have to deal with them now. Oh.. shrewd.. Google Russians in London for instance. That’s why we should either imprison for life or kill ours- what, do we want them to do gain control in other countries and hold a grudge from afar like that international oil mischling Khodorkovsky? The more I read about geopolitics the more I see how crucial fossil fuels are to what makes the world turn

It doesn’t matter what abuses any of them suffered during Soviet times, it doesn’t matter if they’re the “authoritarian” Russians, politics doesn’t matter, principles don’t matter, it’s all about resources 🤝

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