Controversial take, as much as I hate to rain on the parade- wokeness demonstrations regarding Epstein, Hollywood, Satanic pedophiles, are a faux-radical means of “doing your part”. Child abuse is child abuse and all of their depravity only accounts for a fraction of other kinds of child abuse that not many want to talk about because it doesn’t make you popular, just a “hater” and someone who’s on the wrong side of history (the sex revolution). Just another instance of people voicing political views solely for the approval of the demos rather than because they understand and care about the essence of the issue—in this case, children growing up to be messed up because of self-centered adults. “That’s the third time you’ve made that point!” Yeah and I’m going to keep making it until something is done about it (public displays of repentance, videos of self-flagellation preferably), I’ve seen Epstein mentioned a thousand times and what, even if that’s 100 victims that’s nothing next to the numbers of other, subtler, and more socially tolerated forms of child-abuse (the sticky tape-refrigerator mother causation). Keep being so brave and calling out those pedophiles though, because we know that’s so controversial and doesn’t alienate anyone.

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