One of the reasons I like studying geography is that certain maps offer me a brief respite from all the time-bound, space-bound political issues particular to America and provoke me to contemplate the timeless

What must it be like to be from there? You think they care about any of the left/right “Ultimate Concerns” we all treat as eternal here?

“Noooo” – some of us all too familiar with liberal democracy might be questioning this and would want to warn them about it. “The Soviets were bad, the Nazis might have been bad, and the ones who define themselves as the direct opposite of the latter are definitely bad, just relax and try to think things out for a moment.”

Or what must it be like to be from these places?

Might potentially be nice. I’m so sick of our “sacred history” of George 🤬 Washington and Abraham Lincoln – investigating what’s going on in other countries can make the values of the US seem so relative.

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