I’m loving these names I’m finding researching the former USSR – Bogolyubov, Kolomoyskyi’s little pal. A couple of Putin’s favorite people in all the world no doubt.

I wonder why you don’t–or can’t–live in Russia anymore. Someone with self-described “triple-citizenship” in Ukraine, Cyprus, and Israel- in the words of Kolomoyskyi,

The constitution prohibits double citizenship but triple citizenship is not forbidden.

And Bogolyubov only ups the ante

What stereotype are we seeing here? They don’t even try to hide it, because they don’t need to, because no one is going to say anything about it. I’m sure if someone like them lived in Russia they’d have the interests of Russia in the front of their mind, right? Also, Kolomoyskyi has claimed “citizenship” in Switzerland too. The “Swiss bank account” is just a decoy at this rate if I had to guess, I’m sure they have citizenship elsewhere as well. Where oh where primarily I wonder?

Having grown up in the Soviet Union, where “people who saw a rabbi walked across the road because Judaism had been suppressed for 70 years”, [Bogolyubov] admits he didn’t even know his local shul was a couple of blocks from his home.

I wonder if that would affect a kid at all?

Unquestionably the biggest initiative is the Menorah Centre, the world’s largest Jewish hub, spread over 56,000 square metres in the Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine. So named because of its seven towers, it features a school, hotel, communal offices, Holocaust museum and kosher restaurants. “If you want to see a space shuttle, you go to Canaveral. If you want to see what human beings can build, you go to Dubai. If you want to see Jewish life, you have to go to Dnepropetrovsk,” says Bogolyubov. “Generations of Jewish people who otherwise would have been lost are now connected.”

You might remember this from Dugin’s book from the 90s that was influential on his government and military

He’s gotten much more optical since then, I’m sure to more sneakily smuggle his ideas into the West. I doubt “they’ve” forgotten this.

“The Menorah Centre in Dnepropetrovsk is just a place to study the Torah!”

Is it?

What do you think now?

How about now?

Any thoughts about this?

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