The nature of what I refer to as “clouds” is amnesia. The structure of their subject-matter is intrinsically dissipative. Humanity is God playing a game with itself. It’s a misleading abstraction to say God created us to be ignorant, though it’s true on one level. We will our own ignorance. This is a cloud about clouds by the way. It’s confused to regret that they dissipate, that humans live in perpetual forgetfulness of higher-structures, because on some level we are choosing that. This is related to the problem of suffering – “Why would God allow evil?” – it’s because we decide that the self-imposed delusion that we are separate from God is worth it. If God wanted to—if we wanted to—we would return to Being any moment, Being without awareness – since we don’t, we evidently decide we prefer the self-imposed delusion that we’re separate from God.

Priestcraft, amnesia, and clouds are all entwined concepts. Priest-types throughout history have tended to manage amnesia in the population, which is to say they deliberately have controlled the dissipation of clouds. Because they have been aware of what I have said about the nature of the divine substance/subject, that forgetfulness/ignorance is something that God has “decided”. There are two types of human castes- the priests who can gather clouds and the people who can’t stop them from dissipating. Some might feel irritated by the abstraction of this post. That is because they know that we have decided on this self-imposed delusion that we’re separate from God and they’re like “So why are you reminding me??” I decided to.

All of society would fall apart if we all were mystics perpetually aware of this, after all. Fall apart, or simply turn into a new society. This same reasoning can be applied to clouds of a political quality. People prefer amnesia about the higher-structures, and they prefer to live in the lifeworld that presupposes them rather than be aware of them, a “clear blue sky” of the mind. This very post too will dissipate for that reason.

“What do you mean ‘higher-structures’ of politics?”

Try to gather your own cloud.

There’s ultimately a feedback loop between priests and people that determines amnesia. This is why priestcraft of the type I talk about has been crypto throughout history, I speculate. To gather higher-structures into an understandable solid is perceived as destroying the lifeworld, and priests who do this are demonized by those living with amnesia within them. People have liked some level of cloud though hence we had weekly church. Today most people live with clear blue skies on both the theological and political planes, blissfully unaware of the abstractions their beliefs presuppose as they go about their lives in their amnesiac lifeworlds.

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