How I feel when studying geopolitics

Women and children being in that room would seem like folly. “Why can’t we just have world peaceeee?” Will to unity and harmony aren’t the “moods” that this discipline calls for. No borders, one world, no wars, that’s what women would be nagging about. “Don’t say that in front of the children!”

There’s something military-minded about geopolitics

Here is an example of framing it that is family-friendly, just because I’m feeling gracious

This idea of mosquitoes and disease struck me as profound, because we have only recently developed the technology to “conquer nature” in this regard.

This has geopolitical implications. It isn’t just because of these tribes that so much of Brazil is uninhabited.

You don’t need to see a map to intuit where they are most dense

Current mood

Returning to that idea of “free space“- this chart is helpful

Bolivia is 216th out of 235 with a population of 11 million.

Gene-drives could help us continue this type of process–informally.

I wonder how much of this is uninhabited simply because no one has tried ruthlessly to conquer nature

Think of this in the context of this population distribution again

We could leave a “jungle wall” between us and the murderous coke monkeys to the north.


Since the 1930s, the country’s right-wing governments have called for the settling of the rainforest in nationalist terms. […] Bolsonaro and his allies in Congress and Amazonian state governments vow to accelerate this advance in the name of progress. Doing so will require eliminating the young laws and agencies established to protect the rainforest, its supernova of life that accounts for most of the planet’s species, and its traditional Indigenous inhabitants

I have no sympathy for the tears of cannibals!

Want to hear a joke? What’s the difference between a mosquito and an indigenous tribesman? One drinks human blood using a bowl!

See, this isn’t a place for women. The “settler mindset” involves its own kind of bloodthirst, I have to confess.

Oh no, we’re going to teach “Awapu” how to read Borges, a capital crime.

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