My mood when I’m seeing all these charts presuppose that America “as we know it today” began in 1790 when I always thought it was 1776

Haha I love being a jerk. ahahaahaha


Oh, excuse me, I just had a bit of an outburst.

Even leftists who hate America are devoutly patriotic in their own way. The foundation of America is sacred. Escape from British Royalty yay! Now all the peasants who hate authority telling you what to do move here. Not many years after that the freeing of the slaves. Same process of “freedom”, leftists love that. Wanting all the detritus of the world to move here is the telos of American patriotism.

It’s interesting that 1776-1492=284 and 2020-1776=244

Makes the “sacred foundation” of America seem all the more arbitrary knowing that human beings (as opposed to savages) were aware of it as a place for 40 more years than the declurajon of induhpemdince and constitooshin and all that. 284 years of “America” before the current slave-revolt era of 244 years. Don’t you love the reactionary view of history? Why did people move to this place in the 1600s anyway? It was often to do with escaping religious persecution.

What “politics” was like in those days

You can still see this dynamic today though

See Jim for details on that. I saw a despicable spectacle the other day for instance where a leftist denied that being sickeningly, disgustingly morbidly obese is not a bad trait to have, because no human trait is better or worse than any other, and if you don’t follow that Tenet to its ultimate conclusions then you’re not “religious” enough.

Is that what those pilgrims had in mind in their disagreement with the church of England?

Maybe not explicitly. That relativistic leftist attitude of today does follow from this though

What would you prefer, if you had to choose one (1)? A country of ever-fatter Lizzos or this old school interpretation of Christianity

Thankfully we don’t have to choose. If I had to choose one though!

BBB (Bring Back Bonnets)

There aren’t any racist or classist implications to this theological doctrine of theirs

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