You won’t ever hear a Christian priest be this explicit, that’s why I like occultists and those involved with “magick”, because ironically to popular belief, they tend to be more scientific about religion

“Hypnotism? Sounds like something out of a brainwash cult to me!”

What about it?

I’m kidding. The ones you have to worry about are those who don’t give you the priest-perspective.

So, anybody besides me like the idea of hooded cloaks?

What are our options these days? Scientology? Uhhh. Catholicism? Oh yeah, that wafer ritual isn’t absolutely profane or anything, it’s like seeing God’s face and having a talk with Him when you sit in a church like that.

While maybe it had an “initiatic” character in the beginning, its centuries of being a popular religion has likely had permanent effects which recurrently give me the impulse to scrap it altogether

This is another dividing line between me and my enemies. For them it’s providential that America continues the slave-revolt, for them it’s providential that Christianity continues being an exoteric popular religion fashioned for the status quo. For me, we could use our freewill to direct providence and create a new “American Revolution” that moves in the opposite direction of the slave-revolt, and we could theoretically do the same thing on the plane of theology.

I want to go back to this attitude

“Delaware! Ha!” That’s all I’d want. Because there’s not enough population for anything besides that anyway. The rest of you fools can keep doing what you do and a minority of us can take the high road, that’s what I want. Eventually maybe we’ll develop technology and media that can reform those souls of yours that all signs show are destined for earthly damnation from birth til death. Until then I just want to get away from you, you and your herd-politics and herd-religion, and their nefarious entwinement. Be gone with you demons.

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