If you want to know what I’m about, this is one of my first posts here that I think will give you an idea. You won’t understand anything I talk about unless you know Kant on a visceral and not just cerebral level. Nietzsche was a Kantian, Kant was just like a grandfather to him that he grew beyond. If you want to understand the Nazis, and if you want to understand our current political order which is “Nazism with a negative sign next to it” then you need to know Kant’s ethical theory, which those Germans knew on a visceral level.

You have to think of that in this context

The US isn’t just bad for its own citizens, it’s also a bad example and poor role model for the rest of the nations of the world that look up to it. I noted this symptom recently from another Chinaman who is trying to get his fellows to realize that. If you wanted to be the king of the world (essentially what America is), you would not systemically encourage the vulgarization of culture, for one. Do you see how the categorical imperative and the eternal return are similar and play into this reasoning? You are basically telling everyone else in the world, besides those with the ears to hear like Dugin, that “a-country-in-itself” should in all times and in all places encourage vulgarization and actively descend toward the third world. What kind of role model is that? That’s why China is going to be the standard role model pretty soon here.

This geopolitical-historical situation reminds me of this statement from Goethe

While the Germans torment themselves with solving philosophical problems, the English, with their great practical sense, deride us and conquer the world.

And without enough love of wisdom, the Chinese will conquer you- that is the consequence of the fragmentation of Europe.

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