A lot of the problem is that their charade only exists abstractly. It goes back to the notion of people who push for multiculturalism while living in a gated, elite sphere of a city.

I’ve already told you about this

The animals can’t see the future, they only know the present ideology. What the future will be for them is gradually admitting that wasn’t that kind of funny that the only reason they’re together is because of a plot to forget that 90% of the world isn’t capable of creating white civilization. Aren’t you fine looking, Mrs. Latina, I just have to act as if your eggs are viable for creating people capable of creating white countries, and then everything is A-okay. Then when you a litter of spiclets I have to pretend that half of them isn’t made of savage blood that has never invented anything. So no psychological problems there for me and my vibrant brave progressive South American family.

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