Remember when “New Atheism” was popular? Say… 2007-2012? I think there’s a cohesion between that and our current “inverted theology”. It’s amazing what can be the height of controversy and then not controversial at all within a matter of a decade. I can only imagine how much times change for someone who’s like 60 looking back, how on earth do people with that awareness of lived history get caught in the present “faith” I’ll never understand. Anyway, it’s not that New Atheism stopped being popular, it’s that it simply is so normal now that no one even realizes it anymore- everyone’s an atheist. What I find interesting is how it seems to connect with the current type of religiosity. I remember in those days–and I know well because I was a New Atheist myself–that one of the most frequent reasons you’d hear for not believing in the Christian God was all the evils in the world. And you know what examples they’d use? The Holocaust. All the starving people in Africa. A loving God could never allow that to happen so therefore one doesn’t exist. Now, those same kids who were raised to be good white Christians, whether through a literal church or through “cultural Christianity”, have now taken it up themselves to fix the evil in the world that their old God couldn’t. Their Acts in the world are what give them faith now. You might remember all of the new atheists always mentioned something about a “bearded man in the clouds“? They’ve replaced this cartoon caricature of divinity with themselves acting in the world. That is their solution to the problem of suffering, that is their theodicy which has stumped theologians for millennia, that is their answer to why evil exists- social justice. The ontology of New Atheism has also transferred to today’s left, it’s a new form of “scientific materialism” – again, you might remember those days, they weren’t many years ago, when it was more controversial than it is now to say that “the universe” is “made of matter and nothing else”. Then if you were to ask any of them to prove that, or why they think that, they always had a foggy answer, demonstrating an attitude of “you must not be in the know, you haven’t been initiated into SCIENCE!” Do you remember those days? Same people we have these days, just further on this trajectory. It’s interesting how religion and race are connected. For instance, I don’t stop being a theist when I think about the “evils” that Jews and blacks have suffered. Know why? Because in a certain sense, they deserve what’s happened to them, for their centuries of sin. All of that is just God’s divine punishment. Nope, they only have themselves to blame for that, “evil” has nothing to do with it. In fact, there must have been something “evil” about peoples who experienced what they have, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened to them. That’s what happens to wicked sinners, they get punished, and then good people feel sorry for them. That’s where we’re at.

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