Ah, so this happened last week

Reminds me of this lecture chronology of another canceled Badman™

~coincidences~ wooo

Alright Russian speakers, let’s get this series translated.

If I had to choose 3 of the 28(!) volumes that were potentially the most pressing, I’d say

I direct you again to this essay of Millerman’s if you want to get an inkling of how this series might be a grave threat to the globalist order.

It appears to be an account of the “racial essences” of the world, though not in terms of blut

This might make it all the more insidious given the psychological barriers in the minds of most regarding genetic essentialism. The further importance of this is that we could use the ontology of race to better determine genetic correlates in the future. Similar to my post about Kant last night, you’re not going to understand unless you’re in the “club”

International Heideggerian patch when?

That’s what’s sly about “racial ontology” – it’s exactly as essentialistic as talking about it in terms of blood, it just doesn’t carry with it the notsee stigma, so this is a genius idea on Dugin’s part, even if his own identity as a Russian led him to formulating it more than any conscious deliberation. I wonder for instance how this new anthropology of his could be interpreted as a work of cladistic bolshevism by a cynical determinist like myself. Please translate these! Cross-cultural dialogue free from liberal mind-control is one of the most important tasks of the present day.

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