I’ll put it a different way. There’s a connection between scientism and democracy. After the death of the Christian god, a nebulous idea of “science” as authoritative has taken root in the minds of the many, and it is at the very foundation of progressive politics. The thing is, when you ask them to explain what they mean when they say some kind of reactionary idea is pseudoscience, they don’t have anything to tell you because it’s a mere meme that is believed in by lots of people. It’s a consensus about the nature of reality and it’s branded as “science”, and this is never reflected upon. Really what it is is the appeal to the authority of the majority and this is christened Science. Once again, this is just so normal now that they rarely mention it. If you keep pushing them, they will ultimately divulge that that is at their very foundation. What else would they appeal to in this time? Certainly not the Bible. They need something. And “Science” is what that is. You have to “break the spell” (to mock that new atheist Dennett here). That’s why I suspect many are still on the fence, because they have this unreflective notion of scientificity as a foundation and if they wondered about what that really means they’d probably lose their faith in progressivism. Science is a meme to them- they don’t actually ever study it, they only agree with the majority about what is meant by this meme. “Science” to them is an empty religious concept in their mind, which is not often invoked, yet nevertheless acts as the most fundamental grounding to their most cherished beliefs.

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