I try to bring up Marx from time to time because he’s one of the only saints that the post-theology west recognizes as a true “divine spark” and while I don’t agree with everything he says, there are ways to interpret him that a lot of leftists are missing out on. First you need to be aware precisely of what a prole is and the nature of the bourgeoisie. They live in the realm of shadows, because they’ve inherited patterns particular to their given class. No matter how much I tell people about it only a minority ever seems to learn so I guess I write for them. Pretty much everything people of the castes in question talk about relate in some way to money, sex, or power. That is the nature of these people who have spent centuries if not a hundred thousand years with next to no leisure because they needed to work so much and pop out ten kids to carry on farms of their own. This is a place of illusion that they live in because their minds are so preoccupied with survival, because they have inherited the perpetual trauma of the peasant existence of needing to avoid death, not much differently than some animal in the forest. That’s the heart of Marx to me. He was able to write what he did because he was not distracted by necessities pertaining to mere survival. What I suggest is people who think they might be like this should find some mystic of history to have a “chat” with an hour a day, that’s all it’ll take, and after a while you won’t even need to read them anymore because you’ll just understand. This is how to escape the “class-oppression” of millennia. Take my advice or leave it, whatever. For the people who live in the realm of shadows everything is about calculation. Utilitarianism. What can be used? See, here’s Kant again, the grandfather of Marx too. After so many generations of being used as an instrument, as a machine, a degraded semblance of a human being, that is all they know now in the present too. As a result they also see other human beings as “things to use”. This is the rare time you’ll see me give you a critique of capitalism. Even anti-capitalist leftists still live in this realm of shadows I speak of, no matter how much they criticize it. That is because they are not able to see themselves objectively, because they are always-already born within the system as people who are oppressed, and they don’t take lightly to it when you point it out to them that they’re not free of the thing they hate. Most people are not free from it. You live in the realm of shadows, everything to you is about the id and the libido, about collecting capital so you can survive, and being a good content-farmer-breeder to carry on the next generation of people who are just like you who continue to live in the realm of shadows. To my knowledge a non-PC Marxist work has not yet been written in the 21st century – I have faith that one of you will write it to honor the name of Marx.

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