A great time to be alive

We must restore the value of this kind of people, of these potential heroes, who are today totally excluded from the horizon of postmodern liberalism. It is no coincidence that the advent of Western political modernity coincided with the dethronement of the first and second states, that is, of the priests and the warrior aristocracy, those who with Indian terminology we can call the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas. With the advent of capitalism, the systematic eradication of these two personality types began, a process that has reached its final stage today.

People tend to romanticize the collapse of order, and of society itself. While there probably will be some kind of Mad Max quality, I saw an existential description of people after the fall of the USSR and it seems pretty likely

Meanwhile leftists probably have a vague fantasy in their heads that the death of America will be some kind of utopic melting pot renaissance. Nope, without higher types, brahmins and kshatriyas, all you’re going to get is chaos and misery – enjoy.

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