It isn’t a coincidence that my thoughts often fluctuate between mysticism and racism. What third world really means is third rate theology. It is only a false god that dooms its faithful to life among the elements, wildlife, to disease, and hunter-gatherer nomadism. Indigenous populations and their recent descendants are a foil I use as a form of negative theology, “neti neti”.

Imagine for instance applying affirmative action to the grades of freemasonry. Farmer John out in flyover country has the divine instinct to sit in church, while most in the west with his same “modesty of consciousness” don’t have even that. This is sublimated into a pathetic “shitpost religion” for many that lacks any transcendent dimension, pertaining mostly to gathering worldly status. Then there are those even further below them in terms of the innate tendency toward contemplating eternity, and those are the historically recent cannibal races. Mysticism is the development of the subject. The lower classes and races are objects designed to perpetuate themselves and nothing more. The perpetuation of perpetuaters – an empty logic. Hence why throughout history the lower classes existed to be exploited so that their meaningless existences could have some use for someone, since their value was not intrinsic to themselves. I say again- the perpetuation of perpetuators – where is the value found in that. They have been designed with an automaton-like pleasure/pain reward/punishment mechanism that they evolved through conditioned patterns of class-manipulation, and which they have not sloughed off nor even tried to slough off since the age of equality.

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