There’s a cath vs. prot dynamic that plays out between these two

Nietzsche accuses Kant of presupposing equality with his one rule for all. He’s implicitly asking how one could universalize morality when there are varying types of human beings. The categorical imperative is in part a symptom of the invention of the Gutenberg press. Neech is cath in the sense that he postulates a distinction between the priesthood and the laity. Our slave-revolts have their roots not just in the doctrines of the Bible but also in the church that was built around the Bible. Equalism originated in the movement away from the priesthood and toward the private interpretation of the “book-in-itself”.

Luther even had a physiognomy that betrays the hubris of this

We see this prot attitude today in their need to demonize castes with more of an aptitude for hermeneutics. Today we are not interpreting the book-in-itself though, the authoritative “text” has shifted to nature. They hate it when people more refined than them interpret nature in ways that disagree with their vulgar animality, and so seek to do away with them.

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