Had you heard of this?

It all seems so confused. We’re supposed to have this old hatred for Russia because they’re authoritarian socialists, and then when you’ve realized just how authoritarian socialist “we” are it makes it meaningless, especially when you see some of the post-socialist reforms of Russia and notice how “we” are only moving closer to socialism. I see a billion dollars being spent in the interest of preserving a country (Ukraine) moving toward socialism (liberal democracy, what is the difference between these two) and all that means as I see the reality of it in the US is atheistic-nihilism, materialism, consumerism, the proliferation of lowbrow art, ressentiment against higher castes in the name of pity, all these things I always talk about. Does anyone else instantly think of that when they see a billion spent on keeping the Russians away? Spending a billion to promote values that create Hell on earth in another country, that’s all “help from the US” means, what a waste.

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