Biden is the patriot’s choice. The liberals are right to see something unamerican about Trump. Bad optics to say this I know, anyway has to be said. The ones who like Trump are already in a pre-revolutionary attitude. This is another one of the ways that the opposite is present in both parties. Liberals are the most traditionalist ones of them all for being such loyal patriots. The conservatives intuit and rarely voice that there is something more important than “the USA” while the liberals continue on a death-march regardless of the consequences to uphold “our” foundational values.

These dynasties are what America arose from

The Mayflower touched the American shore in November 1620, incidentally 400 years after this next election. There’s still elements of both these dynasties and the pilgrims with us today, that’s what this election is about in certain ways.

In what ways was the Church of England oppressive? In what ways were the royals oppressive? No one knows, Year 1 was sometime near 1780 and we were right to depart from inegalitarianism, everyone just has faith in that without knowing anything about the perspectives of either the pilgrims or their oppressors. And that attitude has been adopted by England now too, and many other countries. Maybe Biden is a patriot. If that’s what a patriot represents I’m not a patriot myself. Extreme liberty and extreme individualism are their own kind of tyranny. We revolted back in the days of revolution over “tea prices”? Is that all people had to worry about back then? I see far more dire problems in America today that make egregious tea prices beyond laughable. In my view, there is a higher form of patriotism that questions the values of a given country’s very foundation, and why they founded it that way, and in contrast to what. Maybe we lost something when we sailed away from old England? In any case, the Tudors are just one example we could learn from to make our country a better place to live in, there are many more at our disposal at this time in history, and the chances are that if there was a new revolution we’d design something entirely new that’s never been seen before on earth.

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