The impulse to exit follows from a perception of emptiness.


Seedhouse is an exit-encyclopedist- an ambitious 20 year old with a future-sense could end up tremendously wealthy in a couple decades if he acquired Seedhouse’s level of expertise. Real “science fiction is science fact” hours with this writer.

Again- exo/eso

The question is how to fund a JASON-esque research program likely with revolving theorists a la DARPA who use the distance from the earth as a muse to advance knowledge about humanity that cannot as easily by living in such close proximity to them. It will need to be a classified program or else their findings will probably scare away the tourists. The bored millionaires

Bahamas dull? Been everywhere, seen everything, earth is earth wherever you go? Space-tourism is inevitable.

Golf? What, do you like watching paint dry too?

Moon buggy racing, carnival thrills for the McAmericans – what, do I sound cynical? That’s because this is the exoteric side- only few will understand the purpose of the funding, which will be to study humanity and gain an extraterrestrial perspective on them hitherto unknown on earth.

It doesn’t have to be either/or, space diving does sound fun, and is in a similar category of extremism to what I’m talking about

It’s a question of when not if, pending societal collapse, and even then, it will be China instead of us

An entire industry is inevitable

And for what? To support a lunar base, and eventually a lunar university that has no ties to any country on earth, thus freeing the thoughts of its theorists and students, enabling them to more objectively study the most interesting phenomenon in the solar system, humanity.

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