Eyes fluttering with contempt as I imagine the moon transmogrifying into an amusement park over time.

Every single patch America 2.0

We’d need an autonomous science patch, with borders, to keep the buffoons out, and to prevent them from tainting our consciousness with their old world replications. With a couple generations of CRISPR the humanity at our borders might start to give one the impression that one is living at the center of a lunar zoo. That will be fine, we can find ways to exploit them like animals. We’ll probably have to make deals with them in the early stages of settlement. Similar with asteroid mining, the plutocrats are in the best place to capitalize on that. Ideally—ideally—we will create a breakaway civilization that will be exported to earth. That is the “grand plan”. With an autonomous science patch, the surrounding plutocrat-owned circuses might begin to adopt our ways rather than remain aligned with terrestrial-bound ideologies. Likely that will make them look bad on earth and so cause them to lose money so they’ll avoid us. Once we have more land in space than the moon (which development on the moon will lead to) they will start to experiment with radical breaks from the monkey order of the pale blue dot.

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