I can see an underground market developing that would require cryptocurrency if we were to create offworld settlements, because our belief-systems will begin to diverge from the earthlings’ so much that even the ones who’d want to purchase helium, say, or platinum metals, or even iron for their own offworld projects, would only be ostracized for dealing with us. Think of the controversy of Trump dealing with North Korea, and times that by about 100. It would be more than 100x worse in fact after a couple generations of distance from the—I’m going to say it—Anglo-Jew order. The North Koreans are nothing, they think they have their own breakaway civilization when they’re just authoritarian socialists like the US. A people—I’m going to say it—a Volk that explicitly criticizes the American order from a post-American perspective and has scientific advancements to show for it, will create the conditions for something far worse than the one we had during the Cold War. Note, this is a 22nd century thought and most wonder what they’re going to have for dinner tonight so I don’t expect many to be nodding while reading it. I can see a patchwork developing in the early phases of extraterrestrial migration. The ones who are most rebellious will exist as redacted civilizations for some time, while the more moderate ones who wish to maintain a connection with earth will still have to practice ketman and be sneaky about their interactions with the rebel patch/es. This need not be as racist as you might think- for instance if some can pass an “Artxell Test” I can see Indians, Chinese, Russians, particular sorts of castes of foreigners migrating away from their oppressive homeland much like the pilgrims, let’s just not mince words about the Euro majority. Anyway, only after a certain amount of years when the moderate ones feel safe to leave earth entirely will we be capable of science, philosophy, and art to the extreme. There will be an era when we’re offworld where we still have a connection to earth (if indirectly) out of necessity. Once we don’t need that anymore, that’s when it gets interesting. From there we can smuggle our people back to earth to influence the populations. Eventually we might witness a “re-migration” from space back to earth, if we’re able to reform the latter enough. If not, the exoplanets and cloning technology will be an alternative.

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