I have to play Don Draper when I just want to be a monk with my own country.

Everyone knows this picture

One doesn’t tend to wonder what this substance is made of. “I don’t know, looks ashy? Moondust? Looks pretty useless in any case.” No, it actually is made out of a certain kind of “cheese” as they used to say, they call it lunar regolith and it’s rich in helium, no not the kind for balloons

That’s right, that moondust with the footprint in it we’re all familiar with could power cities, terrestrial OR lunar

We would use mining robots to dig it up

Anyone want to join me here?

Four or five is just how it starts, this seemingly useless moon dirt that we’ve all seen at a distance while looking up at the sky so many times can be used for more than just helium extraction

They’ve already started simulating moon bricks on earth

Progs are going, Wow! You must really hate our guts! That’s right. So what else is contained in this moon dust? Also my draperian pet-favorite

You’re not going to look at the moon the same way anymore once you understand what it actually is that’s waxing and waning up there

And wherever we’re not mining, or wherever we’ve already mined, we can install solar panels. Eventually we’d have greenhouses

Underdust greenhouses

Multi-story greenhouses

Eventually lunar restaurants and a “fun industry”

I would suggest to utilize this sort of optics in these early stages

Yes, we need a woman on the moon! We have to work with the reigning ideologies on this larval planet in order to escape it. Once we have the initial robots and domes in place we should be able to progress rapidly

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  1. In a tribute to Heidegger on his eightieth birthday, his brother Fritz wrote: “perhaps you may only be thoroughly understood long after the Americans have built a colossal supermarket on the moon.”
    To which Joseph P. Fell adds: “Heidegger might argue that the moon voyages symbolise the essential meaning of the meta-physical quest, in both its positive and negative aspects.”
    Just trying to imagine moon colonists spending their leisure periods immersed in Being and Time.


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